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Egg Chair

Orange Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-OG) £695 - Stock
  • Black Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-BK) £695 - Stock
  • Blue Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-BL) £695 - Stock
  • Green Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-GN) £695 - Stock
  • Orange Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-OG) £695 - Stock
  • Red Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-RD) £695 - Stock
  • White Cashmere (Code AJEG1-CM-WH) £695 - Stock
  • Black - Highest Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-FA-BK) £885 - Stock
  • Chocolate Brown - Highest Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-FA-CB) £885 - Stock
  • Ivory - Highest Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-FA-IY) £885 - Stock
  • Red - Highest Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-FA-RD) £885 - Stock
  • Tan - Highest Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-FA-TN) £885 - Stock
  • White - Highest Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-FA-WH) £885 - Stock
  • Black - Premium Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-PM-BK) £785 - Stock
  • Chocolate Brown - Premium Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-PM-CB) £785 - Stock
  • Ivory - Premium Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-PM-IY) £785 - Stock
  • Red - Premium Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-PM-RD) £785 - Stock
  • White - Premium Quality Leather (Code AJEG1-PM-WH) £785 - Stock

Black Cashmere
Blue Cashmere
Green Cashmere
Orange Cashmere
Red Cashmere
White Cashmere
Black - Highest Quality Leather
Chocolate Brown - Highest Quality Leather
Ivory - Highest Quality Leather
Red - Highest Quality Leather
Tan - Highest Quality Leather
White - Highest Quality Leather
Black - Premium Quality Leather
Chocolate Brown - Premium Quality Leather
Ivory - Premium Quality Leather
Red - Premium Quality Leather
White - Premium Quality Leather

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Our Egg Chair and stool is inspired by the 1958 original design of this chair for the Lounge and Lobby areas of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. The highly sculptural chair was the result of Jacobsen’s search for lightweight, fluid seating forms which meant a minimum of padding and maximum of comfort. The chair has a Swivel base and a tilt mechanism.


Egg Chair as seen in Britain's Got Talent


W:90cms D:80cms H:108cms

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