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Italian Leather Types

We have two grades of High Quality Italian leather covering our sofas and chairs, both of which offer good quality and comfort. However they vary in appearance and characteristics. 
Please have a look at the short descriptions below to identify the main differences:

On the end of this section you will also find short Leather FAQ sections.

Premium Quality Leather
This leather if often described under different names such as premium, top grain or corrected leather. This type of leather has been buffed during manufacture, to partially correct its surface of any blemishes and imperfections. Once these are reduced, a surface pigment is then applied to the leather. It is then embossed with an artificial grain print to achieve a uniform colour and look.
Highest Quality Leather (Full Aniline)
Known as aniline, these are the most expensive leathers to produce because they are made on the best quality skins and have a very natural velvety soft finish. No pigments are used in finishing these hides and their colour is achieved by using dyes not pigments. As the pores are not blocked with pigment, the leather is more luxurious, it breathes more easily, is more tactile, and cooler and softer to sit on and gains more character in time.


Leather Upholstery FAQ:

Q: How do I clean my Leather Sofa?
A: Cleaning Blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, gently wipe the spill using a clean towel and clear luke warm water. Allow the spot to air dry. Clean the entire area where the spill occurred, for example the entire cushion or arm. Do not dry wet areas with heat dryers, hair dryers etc. Alternatively you can use a leather cleaning fluid but please ensure that if your product is aniline then it must be suitable for use on aniline. Always test on a small inconspicuous area first.

Common Cleaning Problems...

Food/Beverages:    Gently blot excess spill with soft damp cloth. Dry slowly away from direct heat.
Water:    Let it dry slowly, do not use heat guns or air dryers.
Ink Marks:    Treat early for best results. Rub a white eraser quickly and firmly over the mark. Test in an inconspicuous area in advance.
Grease:    Gently lift excess grease with the soft dry cloth. Use a liquid cleaner and follow the instructions carefully. For stubborn grease marks you may need a de-greaser product.
Blood/Urine:    Flush from leather with clear water and soft cloth. Dry slowly away from direct heat.
Wax:    Place ice cubes in plastic bag over wax until it becomes firm enough to gently lift from the surface. Treat any residual marks as grease.
Gum:    Gently heat with hair dryer. Use clean white cloth to rub from surface onto cloth. Treat any residual marks as grease.

Please remember always buy the correct leather cleaning products for the type of leather and if you are unsure seek help from a professional cleaning company.


Q: Is there any difference between cleaning and conditioning leather?
A: Yes There is, the cleaner will only remove the marks and clean the leather the conditioner will give the leather a protective layer which helps longevity of the product and help to keep the marks to a minimum.

Q: How do I look after/maintain my leather furniture?
A: Gently dust area regularly with a dry, soft cloth. For extra durability apply Leather Nutrient Cream/conditioner. Use the cream sparingly and apply in very thin even coats. Please read instructions on bottles before use and test on a small hidden area. (Always buy the correct product for aniline)

Q: Which of your two leathers are more durable?
A: Both leathers are durable but the premium is a lower grade so has slightly more treatment and textured feel , the aniline leather is a higher grade so has less treatment and is not buffed and corrected , it breathes more easily and is cooler and softer to sit on.

Q: What is your best selling Leather?
A: It’s our Highest Quality Leather – Aniline

Q: Will there be a colour variation from my sample?
A: There could be a slight variation as leather is a natural product and as with all natural products the leather can absorb the treatment slightly differently.
To help our customers understand we liken it to treating our own skin. It’s not “bullet proof” proper care and cleaning are critical to its longevity and will last for years if treated with love and care. Those that don’t may get old and wrinkled!!

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